Ardorgate and the new AEUR token are now live


Blockchain software company Jelurida and blockchain platform Ardor, which have partnered to deliver an Ardor-based Euro pegged child chain token through Ardorgate named AEUR has announced the official launch of that child chain service. This expansion pushes the viability of the Ardor platform and also creates a much-needed fiat to crypto entry point to the Ardor ecosystem.

The new AEUR tokens can be used to trade any of the assets existing on the Ardor platform and can be exchanged for ARDR or any child chain coin tokens. This provides a quick and simple entry point into the Ardor and cryptocurrency world using Euro.

As a businessman who has been dealing with crypto for a long time, I fully understand the challenges new users are faced with when trying to enter the crypto world. The AEUR token provides a simple and affordable solution for them, and a robust tool for businesses to transfer funds quickly between their real-world projects and the Ardor platform. This is a one of a kind solution, which opens the door for many future enhancements.”, says Martynas Bacevicius, the founder of Ardorgate.

The entry point into crypto has always been a problem for our European customers, using the AEUR Ardor child chain we now have a simple solution to convert between the Euro and our tokens. We are excited to work with Ardorgate to deliver the best user experience in the blockchain industry”, says Lior Yaffe, Co-founder and Managing Director at Jelurida.

The AEUR child chain represents an important use case and a milestone in the growth of the Ardor platform. It enables easy conversion of fiat to crypto, allows buying and selling of items with prices denominated in Euro, trading of blockchain assets and paying dividends again in Euro, and makes participation in ICOs with prices based in Euro easier for users.