Deutsche Bank’s Wealth Management Arm Advises Against Buying Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency users have no love lost for financial institutions. This is especially true when it comes to Deutsche Bank, which is considered by many to be “too big to fail”. It now seems the bank’s Wealth Management arm is advising users not to invest in any cryptocurrency, especially not in Bitcoin. There are a lot of issues associated with these markets, including the high volatility, price manipulation, and even data theft. It’s a very interesting development, even though it remains to be seen if people will pay any attention to this warning.

For as long as Bitcoin has existed, banks and other financial service providers have advised against buying any cryptocurrency. People who followed that advice to a fault have missed out on some of the best investment opportunities of the past decade. Even so, the markets are still prone to manipulation, speculation, and volatility. These are all very problematic aspects as far as Deutsche Bank’s Wealth Management arm is concerned. In a way, it is not surprising that they do not like Bitcoin or similar currencies in the slightest.

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