Likely Additions to Coinbase in 2018 (Ripple, Monero, and DASH)


Coinbase, unlike most exchanges, features solely four coins. Their app and website are simple to use for those inexperienced in the trading/investing field which makes them a favorite among the population. If you can predict the next coin to land on Coinbase, you are likely to see an exponential jump in asset value upon announcement of that specific coin’s addition.

Coinbase currently has four coins listed; Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH was the most recently added and increased over 100 percent upon the announcement it was going to be added. Ripple (XRP) was predicted to be added in early January and Coinbase announced there were no commitments made to any new additions yet. This sent XRP which was approaching $4 back to the $1.30 range it currently resides at. A coin once it makes it to Coinbase has reached the “Big Leagues.” BTC was the original. ETH has provided ICOs to the masses. LTC has an incredible team. BCH was the first fork supported by Coinbase, although it took almost seven months. Each one of these coins is impressive in their own rights. Predicting which coin will come next will bring your portfolio to the “Big Leagues.”

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