National Media Campaign in Hong Kong Warns Against Cryptocurrency Investments


Financial authorities are not the biggest proponents of cryptocurrencies. Nor do they like initial coin offerings all that much either. Warnings have been issued in many different formats over the past years regarding these investments. In Hong Kong, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau will take things one step further. A dedicated TV ad campaign will warn against investing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Ignoring this message will prove to be rather difficult.

This new public campaign will go live later this week. In doing so, the financial regulators hope to dissuade people from paying attention to this nascent industry. It is true both cryptocurrencies and ICOs pose a risk to investors. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take notice of the opportunities presented to them, though. Hong Kong officials have no plans to ban cryptocurrencies or ICOs as of right now. However, they are concerned over people investing in these unregulated industries, which is only normal.

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