WELL Tokens: Making High‐Quality Healthcare Universally Accessible

Оригинал: https://cryptovest.com/news/well-tokens-making-high-quality-healthcare-universally-accessible/

This story started in 2015 with an accident, more precisely with a guy who broke his leg while snowboarding. He underwent surgery but was unable to receive the necessary physical therapy and rehabilitation due to a ton of red tape. It took him four weeks to find a therapist and get an appointment. By that time, he had broken his leg a second time and endured another surgery, adding about $50,000 to the costs for his health insurer. The guy’s name is Ildar Fazulyanov, and he is the founder of WELL — an online medical company on a mission to make top‐quality healthcare services accessible to everyone.

The global medical system is out‐dated and highly ineffective, which sometimes leads to treatment delays, wrong diagnoses, unnecessary patient suffering, and additional expenses. Half of the world lacks access to essential healthcare due to a combination of physical distance and high medical service prices. The latter, in turn, are often the result of huge overhead costs for healthcare professionals and the inefficiencies of insurance companies and healthcare systems.

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