Tezos Hires Lars Haussmann to Restore Its Three‐Member Board ‎

Оригинал: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/tezos-hires-lars-haussmann-restore-three-member-board-%E2%80%8E/

The Swiss foundation that conducted the ICO for the embattled Tezos cryptocurrency project has added Lars Haussmann to its three‐person directorship panel. He brings experience in the areas of corporate management, administration and accounting matters as the Tezos Foundation is testing again the patience of investors and developers working to get the project up and running.

The spat over Tezos’ crypto millions has prompted Guido Schmitz‐Krummacher, one of the three board members of the Swiss‐based association that controls its proceeds, to resign last month amid a leadership style dispute‎ between the inventors and founders.

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