Swytch — ICO is coming

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Swytch crowdsale announced

Swytch team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
See Swytch overview.

About Swytch

Blockchain-based solution for accelerating a sustainable and equitable energy future


Renewable energy credits and energy markets were created to encourage renewable energy use by companies, governments, and NGOs. Any credible exchange requires transparency and accuracy in the transactional data of the asset or credit. However, the actual production data that contains where, when, and how renewable energy was produced is difficult to come by today. Swytch is using its Proof-of-Production protocol and decentralized, open-sourced blockchain technology to create a more efficient deployment of renewable energy resources. As the Swytch network grows, so to will the value of the underlying data, maximizing the collective potential of its participants to drive exponential change in how energy markets are structured and function.

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