New Blockchain Group Formed by Ex-Google Employees



Former Googlers have beaten their alma mater to the punch when it comes to blockchain technology.

In a press release on Sunday, former Google employees announced that they will be starting their own blockchain community in the form of the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA).

These ex-Googlers turned entrepreneurs are looking for others who have left the tech giant and are equally interested in developing blockchain-powered projects.

But this isn’t just some rag-tag group of geeks trying to hoist their banner for the first time.

GBA is founded by Hitters Xu, Daniel Wang, and Andy Tian, all former employees of Google who went on to take a leading role in heavy-hitting blockchain projects in Asia.

Xu, founder of Nebulas—an ICO-funded initiative for a blockchain that doesn’t require hard forks to improve its code—considers that ex-Google employees may be accustomed to “classic internet” but “can play [an] important role in [the] blockchain space.”

The goals of this group, at least according to its press release, is to help fuel and nurture the ambitions that these former coworkers have in the blockchain space, effectively providing a support network that will help make these projects more solid and have higher chances of success.

Meanwhile, we got word from some insiders at Google last month that said that the industry giant is looking to develop its own blockchain technology to power its cloud products.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior VP of ads and commerce at the company, went as far as to confirm that it’s been investigating the technology, but it still has not led to any concrete product.

After beating Google to the punch, if the GBA gathers enough strength and develops promising blockchain-based products, it might become a strong competitor to the massive tech company in the future.