SPI Solar to Host 5,000 Bitcoin Miners for Chinese VC Fund 500 IPO

Оригинал: https://news.bitcoin.com/spi-solar-to-host-5000-bitcoin-miners-for-chinese-vc-fund-500-ipo/

Green bitcoin mining, using renewable energy to produce the cryptocurrency, is in vague across the world. And while generating hydroelectric power from dams have been more widely reported recently, solar power is gaining ground, as exemplified by 500 IPO entering the space.  

SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: SPI) today announced that its wholly‐owned subsidiary, SPI Solar Inc. has signed an agreement with 500 IPO Fund for 5,000-unit contracts of Bitcoin miner hosting services. Officially based at Santa Clara, California, 500 IPO Fund is defined as a venture capital ecosystem, which consists of top venture capital firms, wealthy Chinese investors and “powerful government resources.” Besides the slogan of connecting China with Silicon Valley, its mission is “to promote projects which help solve major social issues and create well‐being for the whole world.” As such it is easy to understand the appeal of green bitcoin mining for its brand.

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