Due Diligence Report on RChain Highlights Shady Past of Key Partnership Members

Оригинал: https://themerkle.com/due-diligence-report-on-rchain-highlights-shady-past-of-key-partnership-members/

RChain has proven to be a very interesting project in the world of blockchain technology. Unfortunately, it seems the RChain Cooperative aspect of this project is running into some potential issues. One of the team’s members reached out to us to tell his side of the story, which paints a worrisome future for the RChain project itself.

When it comes to any company or project involved in the blockchain industry, there are a lot of things which can go wrong. For RChain, it seems the development of its proprietary blockchain technology is going according to plan. That is how it would seem on the surface, anyway, as the report sent to us by one of the RChain Cooperative team members paints a very different picture compared to how most people expect this project to play out.

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