Successful end of Eligma’s crowdsale raising 13,178 ETH. Major e‐commerce market disruption is on its way – CoinSpectator Blog


10 May 2018 – Eligma, a start‐up dedicated to solving the issues surrounding contemporary commerce, finished its crowdsale on 9 May 2018 with a highly successful outcome. Its roadmap towards the creation of a worldwide e‐commerce platform with smart features based on AI and blockchain technology convinced 1,668 supporters to contribute 13,178 ETH in total. The Eligma team, consisting of diverse experts, developers, partners like Microsoft, and a large advisor pool, is now looking forward to justifying the trust of its contributors and following its ambitious plans to revolutionize offline and online commerce with user‐friendly solutions for simplifying both the buying and selling processes. Eligma’s first product, the Elipay cryptocurrency transaction system, is currently in the test integration phase and will be introduced at a number of stores in BTC City, a major European shopping centre striving to become the first Bitcoin City. Elipay aims to become a nationwide phenomenon by the end of the year, with Europe and the rest of the world to follow in the next few years, along with Eligma’s other commerce features.

After its presale, which effectively reached the soft cap, the crowdsale of the Eligma company proved just as successful. Over the entire campaign, 1,668 supporters contributed a total of 13,178 ETH. Dejan Roljic, Eligma CEO, said: “This is amazing success. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our early supporters who have contributed, and their number is exceptional. Eligma has proved that, despite the uncertain market conditions, a top‐notch product and a well‐designed roadmap will resonate with the consumer.” The team, deeply convinced of the significance of blockchain technology and their own products as a bridge between the online and offline worlds of commerce, is highly optimistic about their future developments. Over the next few years, their roadmap includes setting up an e‐commerce platform enabling an effective smart discovery of best deals in all online stores at the same time in seconds, automatic inventory of one’s purchases, automated listings to sell one’s unwanted possessions at selected online selling sites, and a universal loyalty program rewarding the users with ELI crypto tokens.

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