Decred (DCR) Leads By Example With Fair Governance


When Bitcoin (BTC) was first created the idea was to come up with a decentralized cryptocurrency that would be free of any external influence. Given the track record of government and financial in institutions, that idea was readily accepted by many and we saw cryptocurrencies surpass a market cap of $500 Billion. However, as time went by, many realized that there are some internal problems with most cryptocurrencies that are often neglected by the mainstream investor.

At the core of those internal issues, lies the issue of governance. It is a serious problem which Decred (DCR) is determined to solve. Minable coins like Bitcoin (BTC) have been dominated by large mining pools over the years. These miners have exceptionally high influence to shape the future of a cryptocurrency. For instance, during the Bitcoin Cash fork, there were many who would not have wanted a fork or bigger size blocks but the common investor was never asked about it. The decision was made by a minority, not a majority which is against the very principles Bitcoin (BTC) was founded on.

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