Why Medium is Integral to Building Blockchain Awareness

Оригинал: https://coinidol.com/why-medium-is-integral-to-building-blockchain-awareness/

Medium is an online publishing platform, meant to provide an alternative to standard blogging formats. It has established itself as a go‐to place for writers to display their thoughts and ideas in a way that’s accessible to everyone. Writers can publish just about anything, but Medium works to ensure that readers only see the most relevant content (and every article notes how long it will probably take to read, which is nice for more impatient visitors).

Medium’s nature is democratic, giving people voices even if they do not have thousands of social media followers or high‐powered blogging connections. This structure is especially beneficial for blockchain companies, who are attempting to push blockchain technology into the mainstream and convince the public that the crypto landscape is not supposed to be an esoteric space.

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