An EOS Comeback Could Push EOS To $25.00


It’s a shame to see EOS sinking at the moment. Given the state of the markets however its hard to imagine how EOS could ever move in a positive direction. As it stands EOS is taking some big losses. We should remember that recently, EOS managed to surpass its all time high, making it one of the first currencies to meet this target in the wake of the 2017–2018 cryptocurrency boom, at the start of this year.

This was achieved as a result of a bull run as seen in May, although it did seem as if EOS managed to get ahead of the bull run, making big gains before it took over. This did lead us to believe that EOS had somehow harvested some market manipulation powers, powers that have in turn looked to prove that EOS is a market leader, not in terms of capitalisation but in terms of direction. In short, EOS has the capacity to lead the way.

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