Building out the Blockchain Ecosystem for Companies: Omnitude to Launch Enterprise Middleware Solution Soon


Over the past 20 years, some of the most consistently successful IT companies are those that have provided enterprise information management solutions to medium to large sized companies. This market demographic usually don’t have the development budget of giant corporations like Google or major retail banks, but are able to spend decent budget on licensing and customising software like Oracle, SAP, or Salesforce. These three companies combined have an annual revenue of $70 billion, which doesn’t account for their many smaller competitors and the enterprise solutions offered by Microsoft and Google. eCommerce in a wider sense is projected to be worth $4.5 trillion by 2021.

ERP has been around since the early 90’s, and enterprise platforms have had to integrate each new tech trend as it develops: first web communication, then social media, and more recently Big Data analytics. With the interest in what ledger technology can do for business increasing, the stage is set for enterprise IT to adopt blockchain solutions en masse.

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