Quantstamp Investors Uncertain About QSP Token’s Validity

Оригинал: https://www.ethnews.com/quantstamp-investors-uncertain-about-qsp-tokens-validity

Quantstamp, the developer of a program designed to decentralize the auditing of EDCCs (aka smart contracts), came under fire from investors concerned about the future of QSP, the token used to pay for, receive, or improve upon verification services. Representatives of the company answered some tough questions from existing and potential investors in a June 10 Telegram thread.

Investors worry that Quantstamp’s decision to also allow users to pay for services using both Ether and US dollars is inefficient and creates instability for QSP’s value, as well as uncertainty about its purpose. Voicing his concern, Telegram user James Chun commented to Richard Ma, Quantstamp’s chief caring officer, saying:

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