SEC Rules Ether not a Security, Markets Explode | NullTX


Whether or not Ether is sanctioned as a currency under US jurisdiction has been a major point of speculation and uncertainty since the SEC first began its more active stance on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. As the Ethereum platform represents one of the first major ICOs, the future of platform rested majorly on the SEC’s interpretation of it.

Just hours ago, the SEC ruled that Ether is not a security. William Hinman, head of the Division of Corporation Finance at the SEC, explained that securities are largely determined by the manner in which they are sold and the expectations that sale entails. Because Ether was distributed in a decentralized manner, and contributions were not met with expected returns, ETH, in the eyes of the SEC is not a security. “”If there is a centralized third party, along with purchasers with an expectation of a return, than [sic]it is likely a security. The key here of course being that Ether is decentralized,” said Hinman.

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