A Look at a Few Exchanges That Use Bitcoin Cash as a Base Currency

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Over the past ten months, the Bitcoin Cash network has received a lot of support from cryptocurrency companies that provide infrastructure support including exchanges. Even though other digital currencies have yet to obtain such success in so little time, some BCH proponents are in search for an exchange that uses bitcoin cash as the base currency, and many believe trading platforms that offer this feature will be key to mass adoption.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges use bitcoin core (BTC) as the base currency that is traded against various other digital assets. At the moment bitcoin cash (BCH) only has three exchanges that use the decentralized cryptocurrency as a base currency and one of them just launched its beta release this past May. At the moment the most popular exchange that offers BCH base currency pairs is Coinex. The firm Viabtc announced the launch of Coinex back in December of 2017 and the trading platform offers BCH pairs with the most popular digital assets in the crypto space.

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