Ripple Want To Give Away 2 Billion XRP To People In India — Crypto Daily™


We have recently commented on Ripple’s attempts to remove themselves from any association with XRP (the currency produced by and owned by Ripple). Today however, according to a report by The Daily Express (UK) it does seem as if actually, Ripple still want to use XRP to their advantage. In this case, it seems as if Ripple plan on giving XRP away to 2 Billion people in India to ensure that XRP can become a serious cryptocurrency, should the country move towards cryptocurrency adoption (though this is unlikely given recent news).

Before we begin, we do realise that The Daily Express may not be the most reliable source for cryptocurrency news, however what they discuss does raise some very thought provoking points. According to The Daily Express, Asheesh Birla, the Vice President of Product at Ripple has discussed how Ripple plan to use XRP to beat Bitcoin to India. Birla believes that Ripple have the capacity to ‘win over’ 50% of the Indian market, ensuring that Ripple then have access to a large proportion of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

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