Bitcoin Is Still a Better Investment Than Altcoins: Crypto Expert | NullTX


If you are thinking of decamping from Bitcoin to invest in the various altcoins anticipating higher returns, don’t. According to Bart Smith of the Susquehanna International Group, Bitcoin is still the best bet and will continue to dominate the market. The rise of altcoins at the end of last year occurred because investors were excited about new developments and use cases such as smart contracts. However, the market is gradually realizing that these developments will not materialize in the short term and that cryptos’ biggest function is serving as a currency, a function that Bitcoin provides best.

Smith, who serves as the head of digital assets at the multinational trading firm, stated in an interview that Bitcoin’s biggest advantage is that its use cases are valid today, unlike many altcoins whose values are completely speculative. While in the US many investors trade Bitcoin against the US dollar, in other countries people trade altcoins for Bitcoins. This is a testament to the value and credibility attributed to Bitcoin around the world.

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