What Is a Blockchain‐Based Fantasy Sports Platform? | NullTX

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Finding a platform that understands and respects the community it caters to is important for sports enthusiasts who are considering joining the fantasy sports world. However, if a platform is too regulated or too complicated, fans lose interest. Additionally, the lack of a connection between fans and the athletes they “manage” also needs to be addressed.

According to Stryking Entertainment, a company that specializes in sports fan engagement and monetization, it’s important to combine the real and virtual worlds of sports in order to create genuine interaction opportunities for fans, stars, and brands. Stryking’s platform, Football‐Stars, is an innovative system where users are able to compete in football (soccer) against each other in numerous challenges, while proving their experience and skill to everybody else. In a community‐driven fantasy football platform like Stryking’s, users/fans have total control – as it should be – which is also the key differentiating factor of a blockchain‐based fantasy sports platform.

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