DeepBrain Chain commences its AI Training Net


DeepBrain Chain, an AI computing platform, has announced the commencement of its “AI Training Net,” August 8th. In the announcement published by the company, it claims that its AI Training Net will help prepare its AI cloud‐based computing services platform while also addressing a conundrum of computing power in the industry. The company states that the need for computing power in AI industry has grown “exponentially,” doubling every three and a half months.  The previously unmet demand for computing power is described as a “bottleneck” that impedes the progress for AI applications. Thus, the AI Training Net will therefore create an affordable and network to scale the resources required to advance AI applications.

The AI Training Net is the first step, or precursor towards the commercialization of the DeepBrain Chain platform. The network’s first function will let companies train their AI algorithms using the AI Training Net. To celebrate their launch, DeepBrain Chain will also distribute its DBC utility tokens to research and educational institutions that work with AI. It’s hoped that these entities will use their DBC tokens to buy AI computing power on the network.

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