Pointless Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks to Identify Satoshi Nakamoto

Оригинал: https://nulltx.com/pointless-crowdfunding-campaign-seeks-to-identify-satoshi-nakamoto/

One of the bigger mysteries in the cryptocurrency world is the matter of who Satoshi Nakamoto is. The infamous creator of Bitcoin and blockchain, Nakamoto is still an unknown individual or group to the rest of the world. A new campaign on Russia’s Boomstarter aims to collect capital to reveal Nakamoto’s identity once and for all.

Although it is intriguing, the Satoshi Nakamoto identity mystery is not a pressing issue. It would be nice to know who is behind Bitcoin and blockchain technology, but it seems highly unlikely their identity will ever be revealed. Nor should it really, as it will not change the current shape and direction of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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