Jarvis+ building conversational A.I. to help users embrace blockchain

Оригинал: https://neonewstoday.com/general/jarvis-building-conversational-a-i-to-help-users-embrace-blockchain/

The Singapore‐based Jarvis+ (Jarvis Plus) project is in the process of creating a cloud‐based artificial intelligence — a decentralized conversation platform — which will function as a bot service, translation engine, and a smart contract creation tool. Jarvis+ foresees a future in which the interface between humans and computers has progressed from using the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen, to voice interaction. The project’s goal is for “everyone to use conversation interaction to embrace the blockchain and smart economy”. The Jarvis+ project wants to build artificial intelligence to directly program smart contracts in computer languages using voice commands. This natural interface of conversation is intended to bring blockchain technology to the masses.

The Jarvis+ project is a platform that is designed to run apps centered on both conversation and translation. Jarvis+ foresees conversational A.I. being useful in the following scenarios where blockchain is used: managing cryptocurrency user communities, transacting cryptocurrencies across platforms, and giving voice‐based direction and interaction to internet communities.

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