UK game show offers Bitcoin Cash prizes


He’s a stand‐up comic, a voiceover artist and a financial expert from the UK. Now, Dominic Frisby, who hosts his own Dominic Frisby’s Financial Gameshow, is apparently also a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter. The competitive show, which sees participants having to answer questions related to financial topics, routinely gives away prizes in cash or silver bullion, but now has added the digital currency to the mix.

The game show runs daily from the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh, a comedy venue of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (EFF). Members of the audience get a chance to compete for the opportunity to get on stage and participate in a series of contests and a chance to win £500 (US$636), which is locked away securely in a safe. On the road toward the grand prize, the contestants can win other prizes, including the silver bullion and BCH.

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