6 Cryptocurrencies Still Benefiting From Gains Year Over Year — NullTX

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The year 2018 is not a great one for Bitcoin or the altcoins by any stretch of the imagination. It is a valuable lesson for those chasing quick profits, though, as the easy money seems to be gone in this day and age. long‐term investments are taking center stage. Despite the bearish pressure, the following currencies are still up by quite a margin compared to 365 days ago.

Bitcoin traders suffer from a very short‐term memory when it comes to price movements. There is a lot of focus on how the Bitcoin price lost a momentum compared to its recent all‐time high. When looking back just a bit further, the Bitcoin price is still up by over 40% compared to 365 days ago. Although a new all‐time high seems unlikely this year, anything is possible in this volatile industry.

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