HACERA, IBM Launch the “Yellow Pages” of Blockchains

Оригинал: https://cryptovest.com/news/hacera-ibm-launch-the-yellow-pages-of-blockchains/

IBM announced on Thursday that it was joining the HACERA Unbounded Registry as a founding member. The project aims to create a platform that would include all blockchains and blockchain‐related companies in a catalog‐like format. IBM said that this looks like the Yellow Pages of blockchain, given the conceptual similarities with the old yellow books popular in the US and other countries, which structured a directory of businesses by brand name and phone number.

The Unbounded Registry project led by blockchain firm HACERA was officially launched on Thursday. The startup states that it intends to build a decentralized cross‐blockchain catalog that would display permissioned and permissionless blockchain networks via a directory of blockchains. This would result in an online platform that enables interoperability across various distributed ledger networks no matter their protocols.

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