Bidooh — Disrupting A Dooh Advertising Market Of $34.8bn!


Digital advertising billboards are generally considered to create the biggest impact for broadcast advertising. The digital out of home (DOOH) advertising space is presently controlled by the big advertising agencies. However, the platforms that exist are slow and inefficient. It seems that only the big brand names have the money to afford placing the ads –  the small advertisers find it difficult and the micro companies almost impossible.

The inefficient nature of the present system is characterised by companies having to telephone or email in order to book their adverts. Once they reach an agent they would need to negotiate where the ad would be displayed, the size of the ad and the cost – a time intensive process even before the ad is deployed. Deployment probably consisting of a worker driving to the digital billboard location in order to load in the new ad. For advertising companies, filling the digital advertising space is often hit and miss and sometimes inefficient processes lead to vacant digital billboards.

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