Blockchain Gaming Platform XAYA: Public Sale Now Live on Liquid — NullTX


Games that make use of blockchain technology have so far been few and far between, not to mention relatively rudimentary.  However, this situation is likely to change as the benefits of decentralization become apparent to more game developers in an industry now valued at over $100 billion.  Enter blockchain gaming platform XAYA. In Malta last week, the company announced the start of its main sale, which is being held on Liquid’s Market.

The creators of XAYA describe it as ‘The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform’.  XAYA is a purpose‐built blockchain (created with elements from Bitcoin Core and Namecoin) designed for gaming which facilitates real‐time, trustless, and infinitely‐scalable gameplay, as well as full player ownership of characters and other digital assets.  XAYA is the product of the self‐described ‘inventors of blockchain gaming’, who developed the successful Huntercoin project in 2013. Rather than running on centralized servers as is currently the norm, the platform’s ecosystem allows games to be run directly on the blockchain – a first for the industry – thereby reducing costs and increasing speed when compared to games running on Ethereum and other platforms.

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