HyperChain Capital launches HyperBlocks Pro staking service

Оригинал: https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2018/09/16/hyperchain-capital-launches-hyperblocks-pro-staking-service/

HyperChain Capital, one of the oldest digital assets management companies in the world, has launched HyperBlocks Pro, a professional proof of stake service – the first in the world backed by a major blockchain firm. HyperBlocks Pro’s automated staking facility service is initially launching for holders of tezzies (XTZ) tokens used on the Tezos networks.

By delegating this responsibility to HyperBlocks Pro, token‐holders can free themselves of the time, security and technical costs associated with performing the task manually. Additionally, users do not need to actually transfer their tokens to HyperBlocks Pro, tokens remain in their personal wallets while securing the network. As an increasing number of existing cryptocurrencies transition to Proof of Stake, and new ones are launched with staking mechanisms built in, there is predicted to be a rise in demand for professional third‐party services that allow consumers to easily use these often complicated services.

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