Peter Thiel: Crypto vs AI Dichotomy Will Determine the Future of Humanity


From time to time we all need a reminder that Bitcoin is much more than just an asset that can be checked on a daily price chart. Peter Thiel reveals that he believes the “crypto vs AI dichotomy” will shape the future of humanity, presenting us with a choice between a Big Brother totalitarian government and a world of greater liberty.

Peter Thiel, the Paypal co‐founder and venture capital billionaire known to be long on Bitcoin, has given a lengthy interview on The Rubin Report discussing his views on many subjects. After starting the discussion by refusing to smoke a joint on the air to avoid competing with his fellow Paypal co‐founder Elon Musk, Thiel explained that they initially thought about the idea for the company because he was very interested in cryptocurrency and new forms of money for the internet age.

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