Top 5 Blockchain Games not Using Ethereum — NullTX


As Ethereum continues to fall further below US$200, headlines worldwide unanimously call for a death to Ethereum. Whether or not that is truly the case is very much up for discussion. However, in the niche of blockchain gaming, Ethereum is dying, as huge costs and inhibitions are driving game developers to alternative networks. Here are the top 5 blockchain games you’ll find somewhere other than Ethereum.

Like everything surrounding the Skycoin ecosystem, KittyCash is a bit of a head scratcher. At the surface level, the game appears poised to be somewhat of a CryptoKitties knockoff, but a deeper dive suggests there have been several months of fruitful development. Upon launch, players will, similarly to original kitty game, collect and trade virtual cats. However, KittyCash also plans to offers leveling and care systems for each player to interact with and nurture their virtual pet, kind of like Tamagotchi on the blockchain. Currently, players who join the Telegram and interact with the devs can reserve a free kitty. The game also plans to pioneer the Obelisk feature, which grants every node on the network their own blockchain.

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