ICO in a Box: How to Bring a Blockchain Startup to an ICO in 2018

Оригинал: https://cryptovest.com/features/ico-in-a-box-how-to-bring-a-blockchain-startup-to-an-ico-in-2018/

ICOBox, ArgonGroup, OfficialStartups, AmaZix, PalmBeachMarketing, FoxTail Marketing, Panony, and Element Group have been named the best ICO marketing companies according to the rating of two websites – Hackernoon and Free Software Advice. Cryptocurrency market professionals note that more and more startups today prefer to engage major agencies and platforms to assist in holding their ICOs, in order to organize the work required in the shortest possible timeframe, on a turnkey basis, and involving well‐known advisors, thereby greatly improving their chances for success in the crypto industry. We have tried to find out why ICO marketing is playing an ever more important role on the market and whether it’s possible today to create a successful project without outside help.

According to information from the IBRC blockchain research center, even if you do not count the $5 billion amassed by the Venezuelan state project El Petro, crypto startups collected nearly $11 billion during the first half of 2018. These figures already dwarf the $6.9 billion collected by companies via ICOs in all of 2017. The number of startups themselves has also grown: IBRC experts counted 564 completed ICOs that disclosed information on the funds they collected during H1 2018, against only 517 during all of 2017. It is clear that, despite the emerging downward trend in the amounts collected through initial coin offerings in the second half of the year, 2018 will still be a record‐setting year in terms of funds collected via ICOs.

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