Robinhood Found To Be Stealing From The Poor, To Give To The Rich


Robinhood, the cryptocurrency trading platform have been found to be doing the exact opposite of the Robin Hood philosophy, according to research by Logan Kane of Seeking Alpha. If you’re not au fait with British history, here’s some facts about the real Robin Hood according to the BBC:

“The Robin Hood legends form part of a corpus of outlaw stories which date from around the reign of King John. Two other key outlaws, Fulk fitzWarin and Eustace the Monk, were historical figures whose lives can be clearly identified at this time, but Robin Hood himself is much more problematical. Eustace the Monk and Robin Hood are the gadflies of authority, who turn injustice on its head. They may not rob the rich to feed the poor, but they do beat the strong to help the weak. This explains the enduring popularity of the Robin Hood legends; they are the little man’s way of striking back.”

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