The marriage between crypto and community journalism


As a podcaster, journalist, and generally curious person, Manoush Zomorodi has made a career out of examining the intersection of technology and human behavior. The former host and creator of WNYC’s Note to Self, a “tech show about being human,” Zomorodi decided to leave her job in June 2018, join forces with her producer Jen Poyant and launch ZigZag, a podcast documenting their journey of understanding crypto — and their decision to join Civil Media Company. Over 12 episodes in Season One, Zomorodi and her co‐host Poyant “translate the head‐scratching lingo, odd habits, and important basics of digital currencies,” sometimes with the help of a musician they call Blockchain Guitar Man. (Listen to the podcast through iTunes or the Google Play Store).

Civil is a new, decentralized journalism platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain that has partnered with the Associated Press and Consensys and is supported by its own token, the CVL; the intention is that, as a token‐curated registry, Civil will allow anyone to get involved with and support independent newsrooms.

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