XRP (XRP) Price Awakens as xRapid Launch Indicated for Year‐End

Оригинал: https://cryptovest.com/news/xrp-xrp-price-awakens-as-xrapid-launch-indicated-for-year-end/

The XRP (XRP) market price grew against the sliding market on Tuesday, as news of successful tests of Ripple’s cryptocurrency‐focused solution xRapid suggested an official launch by the end of the year. XRP prices jumped significantly, moving in one hour from $0.27 to around $0.30 as of 12:00 UTC on Tuesday and continuing up to $0.33 as at 14:50 UTC.

XRP volumes grew as commentary on the upcoming xRapid payment system suggested a long‐awaited official launch could materialize by the end of the year. The news of the potential launch came from Sagar Sabhai, head of regulatory relations at Ripple for the regions of Asia‐Pacific and the Middle East.

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