Zimbabwe’s Golix Battles To Grow Volume After Breaking Into Seven African Countries

Оригинал: https://news.bitcoin.com/zimbabwes-golix-battles-to-grow-volume-after-breaking-into-seven-african-countries/

Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, is now active in seven countries across Africa, but it may be sometime before everyone buys into the project. Volume is still very low amid what looks like close competition between old and new exchanges fighting for a small, elite, but steadily growing market. A lack of market markers – those wealthy individuals or companies that can swing markets if it makes them a profit – seems to be the biggest challenge, however.

Golix has in the last two months allowed people from seven African countries to buy and sell cryptocurrency from their home economies, but the Zimbabwe‐headquartered cryptocurrency exchange is facing difficulty to grow volume in it’s new markets.

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