Fourth‐Largest Exchange Bitfinex Launches A Decentralized Ethereum Exchange — NullTX


Decentralized exchanges have been touted as the future of the market, especially since they give back the control to the users as Satoshi first set out to do when he developed Bitcoin. However, despite the great promise, they have failed to gain traction, with even the most popular struggling to crack into the top 100 for volume traded. This might all change, with the fourth‐largest crypto exchange Bitfinex joining the decentralized exchanges movement with its newest offering, Ethfinex Trustless. The exchange will leverage on the order books of Bitfinex and its spinoff, Ethfinex to offer high‐liquidity, low spread trading experience, all while the user gets to be in full control of the digital assets.

With Ethfinex Trustless, Bitfinex intends to offer its users the seamless trading experience associated with centralized exchanges without sacrificing the founding principle of cryptocurrencies; decentralization. The new platform will not have any signups or know‐your‐customer requirements. The clients will not be obliged to share their emails, names or addresses, an issue that has been quite contentious in the industry, especially after it emerged that some government agencies had been using these details to spy on crypto users.

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