Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Brag About Your Bitcoin Successes Online


Bragging about your Bitcoin successes online is bad, and there are two big reasons for this. First of all, show some modesty, nobody likes a big head! Secondly though, and most importantly, making your Bitcoin fortune clear online makes you a far more attractive target for hackers. It’s something you might not have really considered before but now, the head of Google’s fraud team has spoken out to reiterate why it is important to remain modest about your Bitcoin fortune online.

According to Blokt, Mark Risher, the head of Google’s fraud team has spoken to CNBC. During this time, Richer revealed how easy it is for social media users to expose themselves to Bitcoin hacks online by making themselves viable targets through issuing information about their cryptocurrency portfolio. Risher discusses that actually, even just talking about your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency holdings on social media can be enough for hackers to target you and go on to successfully hack you.

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