Less Than Two Months Away — Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Discussion Heats Up

Оригинал: https://news.bitcoin.com/less-than-two-months-away-bitcoin-cash-upgrade-discussion-heats-up/

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin Cash supporters have been debating the upcoming hard fork scheduled for November 15th of this year. Most of the community understands, that as of right now, there are two camps that have entirely different visions. It doesn’t seem like a compromise is coming any time soon. Lately, as each day passes and as time draws closer to the upgrade, both disagreeing parties have been testing certain features and publishing various papers concerning the theoretical effects of specific upgrade additions.

Right now is probably a pretty confusing time for a few people just learning about the disagreement taking place concerning the scheduled November 15, 2018, Bitcoin Cash network upgrade. Currently, there are two camps that disagree on which features will be added to the hard fork this November — The Bitcoin ABC development team and the clients’ supporters, and the Nchain development team and the Bitcoin SV clients’ crew of proponents.

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