P2P Markets Report: Record Volume in Peru, Argentina, Philippines

Peer‐to‐peer (P2P) trading activity has significantly rebounded during recent weeks, following the record low in volume posted for the week of the 1st of September. The increased trading activity appears to have mostly occurred in the Latin American and emerging BTC markets — with record volume posted by the Peruvian, Argentinian, and Philippine Localbitcoins markets..

P2P Markets Report: Record Low for Localbitcoins BTC Trade Volume

According to Coin.dance, the first week of September has comprised the weakest on record for global peer‐to‐peer (P2P) trade volume on Localbitcoins. The considerable lull in trading activity appears to have pervaded across the vast majority of Localbitcoins markets, with only half a dozen national markets posting volume that is comparable to the trading activity experienced in recent weeks..